Ultimate Best Kitchen Faucets Reviews

With the number of models of kitchen faucets you can find on the market, searching for the best kitchen faucets can be a challenging task. While it is true that this equipment eases kitchen chores, selecting one that suits with your budget and needs is a different issue. To help you pick the best kitchen faucets, there are some factors that you need to consider first. These factors include the number of handles, finish, material, spout height, and the technology used. The best part is, we have listed some best models that will suit with your needs, helping you to save more time when shopping for a kitchen faucet. Check our list below!

Top 5 Kitchen Faucet Reviews

#1. Premier 120161LF Kitchen Faucet

Our first list goes to Premier 12016LF kitchen faucet, a kitchen faucet offered at an affordable price. The reason why we put this one on the first list is due to its price, which makes it one of the best choices among other kitchen faucets you can find in the market today. It is made from a solid brass material, which is also paired with a brushed nickel finish. Speaking about its performance, it does a great job when releasing water at a smooth flow. It also comes with some technology and one of them is reliable ceramic disc technology.

The Good Sides:

Easy Installation: This kitchen faucet is very easy to install, thus you don’t need to waste a lot of time when installing this new kitchen faucet in your kitchen.

It Is Very Affordable: There is nothing better than having a good kitchen faucet offered at an affordable price.

The only downside from this product is that there is no warranty guaranteed for this kitchen faucet. But if you are looking for a high quality kitchen faucet that comes with the low price tag and some cool features and technologies, Premier 12016LF is definitely one of the best choices.

#2. Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST Kitchen Faucet

For those looking for a kitchen faucet that can provide timeless elegance, Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST is without a doubt one that should be put on the list. It has a very stylish design, which makes it a perfect choice for those wanting something cool and practical in their modern kitchen. But there is more to look for than just its modern design. It also comes with some cool features. One of these features is diamond seal technology, a very innovative feature which makes the kitchen faucet still look good even after 5 million uses.

Features and Advantages

A High Arch Spout; This feature makes it a lot easier for those wanting to  switch from hot to cold. Thanks to this feature, it comes with the ability to swivel a full 360 degrees.

The Modern Design to Fit Your Kitchen: As we have mentioned earlier, the design is very attractive, it comes in chrome steel, classic stainless steel, and also arctic.

Using a  very modern design, you can use this kitchen faucet and match it with your kitchen, no matter what kind of décor you are going to use. There is no serious issue with this product, but you will need some help when installing Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST.

#3. KOHLER K-596-CP Kitchen Faucet

Our third list goes to KOHLER K-596-CP, and it comes with the look of traditional arch style. At the first glance, this model may look so simple, it has a basic design. It comes with the traditional fluid lines, which give a sleek aesthetic for any kitchen. If you think that there is nothing special when you see its design for the first time, you are wrong. There are some reasons why we put this one on the list of best kitchen faucets. In fact, this kitchen faucet provides lots of versatilities once you have this one installed in your kitchen. To give you some ideas why you must purchase this one, here are some features we have listed.

Ease Of Installation: This kitchen faucet will only need one hole for operating, unlike other models which require some help from professionals, you can install it yourself. Thus, if you choose one this one, imagine the amount of time that you can save.

Master Clean Technology: With this technology added, caring and maintaining your kitchen faucet is easy.

A Full 360 Degree Rotation: Another cool feature is the availability of a full 360 degree rotation, thus you can do whatever task you need to be done.

Last but not least, it also comes with the lifetime limited warranty, you can rest assured that your hard-earned money will be spent on the right place.

#4. American Standard 4175

Well, if you are looking for an elegant kitchen faucet, another good choice we can recommend here is American Standard 4175. Again, the reason why include this model is due to its affordability. If you are on the tight budget, but still want to get one that fits with your budget without compromising on the quality, this one is a good choice. In other reviews, it is also considered as one of the best discount kitchen faucets you can get this year. It has some features that most modern kitchen faucets have these days. Some of these features include a ceramic disc valve, the pause feature and a built in adjustable pull down spray.

What makes this kitchen faucet so popular is due to its modern design and other convenient features added. It has received lots of positive  feedbacks from customers purchasing this kitchen faucet. The most interesting part is, of course, you can get this one less than $200. Thus, if you want to shop for a kitchen faucet that is durable, stylish, and has some modern features without breaking the bank, this model is one that we can recommend. American Standard 4175 is also  very  easy to use.

#5. Moen 7594SRS

The last model listed here is Moen 7594SRS, another masterpiece made by the house of Moen, and one of the best kitchen faucets you will love. The first aspect we love from this kitchen faucet is its style, many consider this model as a stylish and chic kitchen faucet. Thus, if you need one that will add beauty in your kitchen, consider this model. Apart from the style, there are also other factors which make it stand out among the crowd.

Durability: There is no doubt about it, this kitchen faucet comes with the stainless steel construction which results in adding weight. This will also result in giving more durability for the kitchen faucet. You don’t have to worry about breaking, this product can be used for a long period of time.

Limited Lifetime Warranty: This product comes with a limited lifetime warranty, you can also call the customer service, they will gladly answer your question.

Easy to Maintain: Using the simple toggle switch, this kitchen faucet is very easy to maintain, helping to take care of the kitchen faucet without putting too much effort. It also comes with the metallic full-body construction.

Overall, the Moen 7594SRS has everything that you need from style, durability, ease of use and also functionality. With some best kitchen faucets we have listed here, which one is your favorite choice?